Saturday, 20 November 2010

The unknown

In the shadows I am, hearing each silent whisper
Nature is my teacher, showing me how to travel
The Gods are my audience, giving me tasks to fulfil
The other beings are my guides, giving me strength to heal
I am the unknown, yet my name is set in stone

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Review: The way of the green witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

When I saw this book on Amazon I was very unsure if I should get it, I already had a book by Arin Murphy-Hiscock and didn't really want to waste more money on this author. It had gone a few months and I was searching through Amazon again and what you know, the book was being recommend to me, not just on that site but a few other sites and blogs were praising this book so I took the hint and actually bought the book.
I waited a few weeks before actually reading it as there were a few other books which I wanted to get out of the way, but once I got down to reading this book I was so happy that I had bought it. It was nothing like how I expected it to be.

There are about 10 chapters to the book and then at the back of the book there are 2 Appendixes and a Bibliography as well as an index to the book.
Each chapter of the book talks about different aspects of the green witch's ways as well as talking about those who live in the city area and wish to carry out their path as a green witch. Which I found was really interesting and insightful.
She has also added a few recipes for a few bath products and some food recipes, also in the book there are correspondences to the different stones, herbs, plants, trees, and food which I like. Normally I don't like to work with correspondences as I like to ask the item myself what it can help me with, but I think it is helpful for those who do work with them.

I don't think there is anything I don't like about this book, it was very easy to read and get into. The author refers to the readers as "she" which may frustrate a few males who wish to read this book, but she explains why she has done that in the book.
I never put the book down when I started reading it, and I think it is a great book for everyone, even those who are not green witches, it is just a great book overall.

Where to buy this book:

Friday, 12 November 2010

What I've created

I was going to have a separate entry for each product that I created over the year, but I thought that would take too long, then I had a good idea to write it all in one blog showing the photos, then it started to get too long. So this is probably the best way to show what I have been creating since I have been away from the blog.

Most of these didn't turn out perfect, I am still finding errors in each and every one of these items and trying to figure out what happened to them. But that is one of the lovely things when it comes to creating your own products. When I first started doing this I would beat myself up because I found a problem with one of the products, but now I realise that it comes with the job, it helps you to learn from your mistakes and become that little bit wiser. :)

Tincture in the making

Lavender Tincture all bottled up
Honey and Lemon Lip Balm
Chamomile and Lemon soap

Rose scented Rock salt
Lavender Milk Bath

Chamomile and Lemon Body wash

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Its catch up time

Hello, hello! I know it has been a such a long time since I last posted in here and I apologise, I thought I had made a post about it in here as well as on YouTube, but apparently I didn't.

So, why did I stop posting blogs (and videos)?
I guess I needed the time away to clear my head and sort through some self issues and spiritual issues. Along with that there has been a huge family event which happened on 10th August, my sister gave birth to twins (boy and a girl). They are so beautiful and healthy and just full of life it is wonderful to finally have them here. Sadly there wont be any photos posted of them on here or anywhere else that I belong to, her wishes not mine.

If anyone has watched my videos you will probably know how annoying it is of me when I keep talking about my spiritual path, and not knowing the direction or what path it actually is etc. So this is the main reason why I took a step back, I needed time to re think about what it is that I actually wanted out of this path and it did really matter what it was called.
I was starting to read more books on my path and follow people who had a similar path but all the time the books, blogs, websites, videos etc. Kept telling me I shouldn't do this, I need to do that. It was slightly over whelming when you are just in the starting area of your path. The information seems to be for those who have had the experiences that they are talking about and it made me feel very little at one point and wonder if calling myself a hedge witch was the right thing to do.

I stopped reading that many books, took myself away from the Internet and actually concentrated on what I knew and could do. I do call myself a hedge witch, even if I haven't crossed the hedge yet, I am still learning, I need to sort through fears before I can even go anywhere else.
Although I am starting to journey, just small journeys but none the less its still a journey and its helping me to face fears.

On top of that I was also trying to deal with some self issues, accept myself, my body, the way I look etc. It is very difficult when you have basically had it put into your head that you are ugly and no one will want you or you will never get anywhere. I have believed that since I was about 13 I guess and it has taken me along time to start changing the way I think. So things are gonna start getting raw for me, emotions have already been flying everywhere.
Why don't you just go and see someone and talk about your feelings and get it done with there?
Because I have tried that before and it didn't really work. Yes it helped to step outside, and be more confident when outside and helped me to not have a panic attack, but it didn't really help me to feel welcome in my own body. That is something we all have to do on our own.

And on top of all that I have been creating a few products as well, which I will be posting on here very soon.
So its been pretty busy for me and still is. but hopefully I will be more updated from now on. :)