Sunday, 31 May 2009

This and that

Been such a long time since I have posted anything in here, so here goes :)

Well I have been mostly on YouTube everyday and as well as world of warcraft - but I seem to have settled down on that.. Also been looking at buying ingredients for the bath bombs etc, as well as finding new things to make like Dream pillows and loose incense.
Bought most of the herbs I needed for them two things as well as the oils. My first two "customers" are gonna be my boyfriends mums (His dads partner and his actually mum - in case people got confused)..So I need to get practicing for Christmas coming up!

Anyways, I keep making videos on YouTube saying that I will make this video and that video..but they never get made SO, I am gonna make a reminder of which videos I should start focusing on soon.

The videos:
Info on panic attacks/anxiety(Sp?)
Herbs that help panic/anxiety attacks/ways to help reduce them
Where I like to walk
The field where the girls were

So That is basically what has been happening with me. I will (hopefully) keep updating this more often, and will try and upload some photos of the finished products before I wrap them up for Christmas lol :)

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