Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Karma/Three-fold law/Fate

I have never really sat down and thought about what I think about these three things, or which one I feel more close to.
Well for one I certainly don't believe in the three-fold law, I cant understand why things would happen to you in threes, what is the point in that?
I do believe that things happen in threes, for example; hurting your toe, banging your elbow and then walking into the door. That happens to me most of the time, so it is kind of hard for me to not believe in it.
But when it comes to doing any sort of magic or any spell work, why three? why not one or five?

I kind of believe in karma, for a very long time I was a very strong believer in it, but now I have backed away from it a little. It seems that the good people are getting bad karma, while the bad get the good karma. It is so messed up now, I don't understand why someone who has been good all their life, made sure they treat everyone equal and what not and yet they get a load of shit put onto them.

I have more faith in fate now, whatever happens, happens for a reason. Even if the outcome isn't what you wanted! Yes you can change fate, as fate is forever changeable but you must understand that when fate wants you to listen it will make sure you do.

So in conclusion I guess I am a karma/fate believer.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A thought or two

At the moment I am looking deeper into my path and my spirituality, it is starting to hurt my head lol!
The thing that is getting to me the most, is that there is no actual books or websites that help you future. Yes I know the meaning of what a hedgewitch is and such, but that is all they tell you, they don't go into further, maybe that is because the person itself has to find their own way of doing things but it would be nice if they mentioned it a little bit.
I am getting frustrated with seeing all the Wiccan websites and books, it seems that they are trying to take over! It upsets me in a way, the fact that very few people know about the old ways.

Another thing that has been hurting my head is trying to learn more about the Celtic ways, I know there is hardly any info about them in the first place and I believe that is whats getting to me, again I feel upset by this, no one will truly understand (or try to) or be able to read up on what it was like for the Celts.

Life would be too easy though if we had everything written down. And this is a good step for me, to understand my frustrations and my passions with in my spirituality, it will all help me to be a better witch, person and spiritual being.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The type of hedgewitchery that I do

I received a comment from Mrs.B asking what type of hedgewitchery do I practise, and I thought I should actually make a blog about it.

In my practise I do

  • Contact spirits, working with them in my everyday life, its easier for me since I am a medium so I don't always need to go into a trace to make contact.
  • Honour my ancestors, this may also be the same as working with spirits, but I feel that these two things are a bit different from each other. When working with spirits, I don't really know who I am gonna get..It isn't always someone from my family.
  • Healing, since I am a level 1 reiki practitioner again I have a "boost" to my healing ability, (not saying that everyone has to be a reiki practitioner to be able to heal, but it does help me alot), I also try and to healing with herbs, oils, crystals and stones. What I heal is the land, people, other beings, animals.
These are the 3 things that I mainly do in my path I guess.

So, have you done any trance work before?
No. I feel as though I haven't been given the "call" yet. That may sound odd, but I do not want to put myself in any danger, so I feel it would be best for me to prepare myself and get the call, rather than rushing into it and doing some damage.

In my practise I also do a lot of divination and learning about herbal remedies, creating my own herbal products. You could say these are hobbies and are just for fun, but for me I make sure I involve them in my practise. (By empowering them, putting healing energy into them etc).

Some can say that I do a little bit of each hedgewitchery, but I feel more closer to the "traditional" hedgewitchery.

So, what type of rituals/spells etc. Do you do then?
I don't have any specific spells or rituals. When I do a spell I will do it when I feel ready and work with what i have got, I don't really like to wait for the certain moon cycle, or what day/time etc..Like some other witches do.
My rituals are mainly when it is a festival, or when I am honouring my ancestors. I don't always do them a ritual, but at times I feel that they need a little more attention.

I am still finding pieces of my path, so at the moment I don't really do a lot when it comes to rituals and what not..

Friday, 11 June 2010

Book review: The Healing Power of Faery by Edain McCoy

This book is all about becoming a faery shaman, working with faeries, elementals, spirits and other nature beings. I was very excited to read this book, but sadly it wasn't what I had hoped for.

Good points - helps your imagination get creative. When I was reading this book it got my mind thinking of the things that I wanted to do in my path with faeries and other beings. I didn't feel as if I had to do it the way she had wrote it.

Bad points - Every chapter left me with question marks, although that can be said as a good thing, I felt she didn't explain enough of why she had added a certain thing to this book.
I also felt that one section of her book was a big dangerous. The part where she talks about testing for allergies, she tells us to rub the fresh herb along our arm and then get a needle which has been sterilized and scratch the first layer of skin off so the herb oil can get into our body quicker for a better test. Then leave it for 24 hours to see if there is any rash, itchiness, redness to the arm.
Of course there is gonna be some redness and what not to the arm if you have just scratched the first layer of skin off! I have never heard of this way for testing, and to me it was a little bit stupid adding that in and not really explaining any further about it.

She does mention that if it plays up straight away to get some type of cream or to go to the doctors/hospital, which I felt was good but still it left a huge gap in my eyes.

Overall, the book was very difficult to read and I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't really recommend it, but if you do get it take it with a pinch of salt.

Look what I got today..

(Yes I know the photo is bad, it was done on the web cam)

The complete illustrated book of divination and prophecy.

I have been searching for a divination book for a long time, I was wanting a book that had most divination techniques in, unfortunately there is hardly any books that do that.
Charlie had found this on Amazon, at first I wasn't so keen, but when I saw the price I thought I might as well give it a go.

The price was 1p, yes 1p! OK the Post and packaging was £2.75 so it made the total of £2.76 but I wasn't gonna pass it up. The reason why I didn't really wanna buy it was its age, made in 1974, so the information may be a little dated. But now that I have received it I don't really care, it has some nice information for me to look at and to help me with. Its like the grandad on the book shelf lol.

It seems really interesting so I cant wait to read it.

This is the second book that I received, The way of the Green Witch. I have been wondering for a while if I should buy this or not and a few days ago I read that this is more close to hedgewitchery than her actual book of hedgewitchery (that confused me a little but of course, everything can confuse me :) ).

This was only £4.00 so yes another bargain in my eyes. I have read a little bit of it and I have started to get hooked on it already, so there must be something right about getting it.

This is the last book I bought the other day, still haven't received it but hopefully I will get it tomorrow or someday next week. Again I am not sure about this book when I decided to buy it, I am just hoping that it will be good.

62p + plus post and packaging which was £2.75 = 3.37...

I love finding bargains :)

On the subject of books, I feel that my book addiction has calmed down a lot. These are the first 3 books I have bought this year, normally I have bought around 10/15 already. So I think that book ban from last year did me some good!
I do have a lot of books to get through before reading these 3, but still it is always nice to get something through the mail instead of bills, spam, appointment reminders lol.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hello there

Hello, hello, it is such a beautiful day right now. The sun is shinning very bright right now, it feels so wonderful. Been sitting in the garden with my dog taking in her and natures positivity :)

I haven't been able to plant anything this year, well not yet anyways, as there have been threats of frost coming over, so I have had to wait and see. But I did manage to plant an indoor plant - basil! Yay, hopefully this time it will actually grow and I will actually remember to water it, lol. This is my first time I have managed to do any planting in what feels like forever, the problem is I now want to plant even more things, hopefully in the future I will.

The magpies have finally made their new home, it was originally their old home but the wind got a hold of it, so they have managed to rebuild it, love seeing them fly around the house :)