Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Review: RedSunflower Designs Bath and Body oil and perfume oil

Back in June RedSunflower Designs had a contest going on, I entered and I won (yay). and today I finally got my prize.
Some will think that is bad service, but in all honesty it does not bother me at all. I believe she had a few personal issues going on and needed to sort them out, which is understandable. Plus she lives in the US I live in the UK, of course it will take some time to get here.
This is the first time that anything has arrived to me from the US, so I am so pleased that I managed to receive this.

I am not going to review if it works or not as I have just received this and want to spend a bit more time with it. I will be doing a first impressions review. Then later on an actual review of how the product works.

OK onto the review.

What I got was "Essentially Healed Migraine Be-gone Aromatherapy Healing Oil", in grapefruit.

To look at it looks good, looks promising and interesting. The design of her label is simple yet very smart, and it is easy to read so that is a big plus.
There are a few things that are irritating me, one is the dropper itself, it just doesn't seem to hold the product for a long time and I think that will waste product when you are placing it to the burner etc. But that is not the shop owners fault.
The second issue is, that there is no warnings, for example "may contain nuts", "do not use while pregnant" etc, also how it doesn't list any ingredients or how to use this instructions.
If you were buying this for someone else, that person may not have a clue what to do with it or they may be allergic to something in the product and wont be able to find out what.

Maybe the US has a different law about this than the UK, but from what I have researched that if someone doesn't have enough info on their product and something happens to the customer using that product, they could get sued and lose their business.

With my worry freak mode over I will continue with the positive side of the review.

The scent of this bath and body oil is beautiful, you can definitely smell that it is grapefruit which is a good thing, it is a sweet, delicate, but strong scent. Not strong enough to overpower your senses, but enough to appreciate the smell.
I don't think I have stopped smelling it yet!

So that is my first impression review of this product. RSD (RedSunflower Designs, for short).

There is another product I would like to review by this shop and I will place in this same entry.
RSD sent me a sample of their perfume oil, the scent was Bohemian Dreams. This is a beautiful scent, again I couldn't stop smelling this. It smells like oranges but creamy oranges. The scent again, is not overpowering but just enough for you to enjoy.
I will definitely be buying the actual size of this very soon.

In overall, do I recommend this shop for those who want homemade products? Yes, yes I certainly do :)

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