Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stressed out

These past few months seem to be going really fast and busy, I havent had much time to actually get intouch with my spiritual side, its annoying me as that is what I wanted to do before the new year but I guess there is a meaning for that.

I have finally made the bath bombs and they came out really well, my partner tried one and well it skimmed across the surface of the bath water instead of going to the bottom and fizzing, guess I put too much energy into them lol!
Also made the body scrubs and bath bombs, really pleased with them also. I also made some soap but I dont know about them, they dont seem to be getting hard just staying soft ish, hopefully they will be ok.
Gotten most of the Christmas presents sorted out, just need a few more for people but they are so difficult to get!

Also trying to get some photos printed of for my Nan as she cant get here so I thought to show her what it looks like, also a few photos of her great grandsons. The only problem is I dont really know how to print them off as they also end up having half of the photo on, so its annoying me slowly.

I have been pretty stressed with getting all of this sorted out trying to dodge the flipping postal strikes also which doesnt help at all. >_<
I havent really had time to celebrate Samhain either which has annoyed me the most as its one of my favourite festivals, plus I wanted to celebrate my late loved ones life. Tonight is the last day (I celebrate Samhain for 3 days, either on 1st Nov or when the full moon is), so I am really hoping to get things ready for tonight.

I have a list high long in my head and on paper that I need to do but it never seems to be getting smaller, but I am trying to take a break from worrying and stressing about it, its just really hard to do so when you are a worry freak! >_<
Anyways I think I should stop writing now :P

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Well I thought to come on here again and just let my thoughts run wild..
I have just been thinking about 2010, and what is gonna happen in that year and so on. I really want to try and get somewhere with this online shop that I hope to make, I need more practise at making the items, so maybe that is whats gonna getting my hands in there and actually doing these things.
We have just bought a sowing machine so I can start making little pouches etc, which will be great as I always need a pouch for something, lol.
I have found how to make things, the recipes, all I need to do is actually make the damn thing! But I guess I will have more succuss by taking my time...I hope.

Also I have thought about making candles for the shop, the wax that is left from the other candles will be turned into a new candle, this will help me get used to selling things and see if this is what I actually want to do.

Well that is it for me, I dont want to think about this anymore as its making me feel down as I cant do anything just yet....On the good note, I have managed to make the bath oils for my 2 mum in laws :D

I got something in the mail

Yay I got the gifts from Annika (princessannikki). I am in love with every single gift she gave me, I especially love the card she made..I have always loved her artwork ^_^
I will add the video here..just waiting for it to upload..1:26 til it does, urgh..but its worth it :P
I have already had the oil burning, it smells so good, it actually made the whole house smell nice!
Ive put the roses in a glass vase on my windowsill and they seem to look good there :P I am really happy with them, I love roses they are one of my favourite flowers. I just love every single thing that I got! :D

Yay the video is finally uploaded!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Through my mind right now

How do I get to know myself?
How do I connect with the person inside of me?
How do I find what I am all about?

These questions and more are running through my head, I dont even know where to start. I have tried to do this before but I never get far, but now I really want to do this as I feel myself sinking deeper into the ocean..
Maybe I need to meditate more but there has to be something else to help me right?
I feel so out of focus right now..Maybe it is because I havent gotten my altar set up? But that wouldnt make me feel like this, right?
Or is there something else that is holding me back?

Argh I need to get this all sorted out soon, it has gone on for too long now..almost 5 years, I need to sort myself out.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Sun and the Moon

Been watching a lot of videos on youtube about the moon and the sun, it has been very interesting hearing other peoples views about them..The only annoying thing is that I got annoyed when watching a few of them. I guess I just forgot that my views are different from theirs >.<
Anyways here is what I think of the moon and sun. (Might make this a video some day)

I see the sun as a female, our Goddess, our great mother. The reason for this is because of the rays of sunlight she shines down onto us, the life and support she gives to us. We need sunlight to live, to grow, to be healthy. Just what a mother tries to give us.

I see the moon as male, our God, our great father. The reason I believe this is because he is there to support the sun, he lets her rest and watches us while she is watching her other children. We need the moon as much as we need the sun, too much sun can kill us, but so can too much darkness. We wouldn't get the right things into our system. He also gives us support and also shines down his energies to help us.

They are probably the main points on what I think about the sun and moon..I cant really think of anything else at this moment, but if I do I'll just edit this and add it in :P

Anyways that is all I really wanted to say :)
Blessed Be.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Videos + Supports

Haha I know I said I was taking a break from youtube, even though I have uploaded a bunch of new videos. They are more addressed to everyone, asking them their views and what they think of certain things. As I am in that curious mood at the moment...

As Im not focusing on making videos about "how to" or videos on spirits, I am feeling more better in myself, I am taking my time with understanding who I am, what goes on in my mind and things like that..It actually feels good that Im not stressing on making those sort of videos. Maybe next year I will be able to start again with them, but who knows.

I probably am gonna upload more question videos as it seems interesting and it makes people think about things and all that :P

Oh I got my supports last week, yay! They feel weird but that might be because Im not used to wearing something that is so light but is helping me. My last supports were made out of wetsuit material, and they were bloody heavy >_<, the new ones are made out of cotton so my hands can breathe lol.

Anyways, this is all I wanted to say right now.