Monday, 30 March 2009

New Passion - Bath Bombs!

Hello all, I have found a new passion lol, and its bath bombs.
I have found out how to make them, and I am getting so many ideas of what I want to do with them.
I'm gonna hold fire with the site, and just experiment with these and the candles, and what ever else I plan on making. I want to have the passion for them and enjoy myself with them instead of stressing myself out with trying to get everything done.
I challenged myself too much and pretty much forgot why I was doing this. Yes I want to make a bit of money but at the same time I want to see people happy with the products and to be getting some kind of help from them..

I will keep updating this and showing what Ive done, I'm not giving up but just stepping back a bit.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

All new beginnings.

Finally managed to make a new account on here! Used to have one but forgot the password and for some reason google wasnt letting to start a new one...But thats all done now :)

So why did I make the account?
I thought it was about time I made a blog to show my progress in my homemade makings, for this online shop I hope to have.
I have made a thousand or more accounts with other blogging sites but they never seem to have that much activity, and I always end up landing right back here. So I am here to give it a go :)

I havent been able to plant anything right now, because of the weather and the wind. That wind is so strong it is nearly breaking the trees in half, plus it isnt ready for the herbs I have got to be planted yet.
I am trying not to rush into things with this online shop, I did this a few years ago and thought it was going to be easy making the candles and getting the site set up..I didnt realise the work that went into it and everything started failing, I didnt have any tools or anything like that for the gardening..Didnt even have the herbs!
So I am gonna try and take it easy this time. I dont want to stress over it, I have already done enough that..