Saturday, 29 January 2011


As Imbolc is about to be arriving soon, I thought I would try to do something more than a walk this year. Each festival I normally just go for a walk and look at my surroundings, see what is changing while giving respect and honouring everything near by. But this year I felt like I should get involved at lot more, so I decided to make some Imbolc oil - this can be used to anoint the candle you wish to use before lightening it, or on your temples before meditating or just simply putting a little bit of it in the oil burner.
I normally make incense for the festivals, but as I have so much incense sticks and little herbs to use I thought this time to use the oil and see what my outcome is after this festival.

I don't own that many oils either at the moment so I basically had to do with what I had. So it was basically, Rosemary, chamomile, mandarin and rose. I wanted to add healing, purification, welcoming back the sun as well as a little bit of love into the oil.
Maybe the oils are not what you expect to smell as Imbolc, but I don't really care. To me it smells uplifting, refreshing and clean, which is pretty much what I wanted for this festival - so I am pretty damn proud to manage to make an oil with the intentions I had in mind.

I think I may be sticking to my usual walk and maybe a meditation or just standing still listening to what the land around me has to say.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Witch Charm

My mum and dad bought me this charm for my bracelet, its very awesome.
The place they got it from was: Welded Bliss


My partner bought me my first ever pendulum over the Christmas period, (Yes, I celebrate Christmas as well as winter solstice, it is out of respect for my family who have always celebrated it).
I have always been interested in scrying but never actually found the pendulum that was right for me, and I don't like buying any type of crystal just because its popular or because I want to learn something, if I cant find a connection with something I will leave it and understand that its not my time yet and wait until it is my time to learn - and it just so happened to be my time :)

We (me, my partner and his father) went into the local new age shop when we were in Colchester and I was just browsing, not really expecting to find anything when I saw the glass case with pendulums. And there was one pendulum that stood out to me, when I looked at it I felt like I was in a Whirlpool and going into a deep meditation - I knew it was right for me from that moment, no crystal has ever made me feel that way before.
Also the women in the shop were so lovely and really nice, which made the whole experience even better :)

When we had arrived home, my mum handed me our Christmas presents from her and my dad, and I opened one and found out it was another pendulum, and I was a little nervous with this, like I said I normally don't go with things if I don't have a connection so I was a little worried in case I couldn't get on with this one. But luckily enough I did and this pendulum is just as brilliant and I love them both.

I have found that my first pendulum has a lot of character to him (they both have male energies about them), he likes to show off to other people who wish to work with him, like my partner. And the other one is a little but more shy I feel, maybe its because I haven't worked with him enough for us to get to know each other more, (No, I am not crazy when I say that, it just means I haven't put enough energy and concentration with this one unlike I have done with my first).

Fluorite pendulum (my first one)
Rose Quartz pendulum