Thursday, 21 April 2011

And I'm back

It has been 3 weeks since I have moved into my new place with my partner and as you can probably tell we have the Internet back so I will hopefully be doing more posts soon.

As I was growing up there was about 6 of us living in one house and then over the years with our partners moving in and then finding there own place, it went to about 9 people always coming in and out of the house, so there was always noise and someone walking in when you wanted to be alone. But now that there is only two of us living here it is still very strange as I keep expecting to have someone walk in on me when I am doing some writing or a video.
At the same time though it is so lovely to finally be able to be on our own and live our lives the way we wish to without disturbing anyone else. The area we live in is beautiful, they have a small walkway which has some trees next to a river, so I am not so upset about living the countryside as this little area seems just fine, it also has seats along the walkway so I sometimes just sit there and watch the river and just take everything in, it feels very peaceful.

I am starting to get back into my herbalism course now we have the Internet as my course is done online so I m looking forward to finally finishing that. I have also started to get back into some creative writing as well as cooking & baking. I feel so much more confident and at peace now I have the freedom to cook/bake whenever I want without feeling like I have to hurry.

I wont keep coming on here and updating each week how it is going here i know that isn't really interesting and not really needed. It is just because it is my first time moving out that I wanted to do a little update on that.
Hope you all are keeping well, I have a lot of catching up I need to do on here as well as YouTube!