Monday, 24 May 2010

Disconnected from my spirituality

Wow, it feels like forever since I was last on here. There isn't really any excuse why I haven't been on here, just felt the need to break my self away from this blog and my YouTube account.
Mainly trying to deal with some self image issues and again health issues.

Lately I have been feeling so disconnected with my path and if you are a sub on my YouTube account you will probably seen the video. But something else has been pulling me away from it, and I just cant find out what. You know when you have misplaced your keys and you cant find them but you are sure they were where you put them, it is sort of like that feeling.
It doesn't help that I like to do research on my path and try to search it with a fine tooth pick. I have to learn to pull myself back from doing that, because then I feel really drained and away from it. When the beauty of being in the path is finding it out as you go along.

It doesn't help that most sites and books I have found are mostly Wiccan based, where my path (well the hedge witchery) is following the more traditional path. There are very few books that I have found that fit in with the hedge witchery. But I don't want to buy books for a while..(wow, that book ban from last year has really helped me!)

I sometimes feel very lonely, as not many people follow a similar path to mine, so I have hardly anyone to talk to about this, in ways that they can help me find the right direction. Not telling me straight on with what I need to do, but just giving me a little nudge.
This is why I have felt like I am an outsider of the pagan community, everyone has this tight group with their similar beliefs and practises, and what not, and then there is me. Someone who is outside the box who doesn't go by any guidelines/rules/laws. I just feel like no one seems to connect with me at all.

I love my path and I know I am connected with it, its just these times get very lonely, and make me feel disconnected. These are probably the main problems with following this path. Hardly any info for you and no one who can you can talk with.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Such a beautiful thing...

Sitting in the living room with the family, watching CSI while on the laptop, next to a gorgeous fire. :)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Is the Book of Shadows a must?

I was watching a video by piperpointcreek the other day about the Book of Shadows, she basically asked is it a must to have or not?
I just wanted to put my view here and hopefully will get a video done about this.

For me the Book of Shadows isn't really a must, it is good to have something like a notebook, piece of paper, a blog or a video camera, near by so you can speak about your personal experiences, your mistakes, things you have learned etc. So in the future you can look back and see how far you have grown, and/or if you or a friend is in a similar dilemma and you know you have been through this, you could read back what happened and how you dealt with it back then, which could help you with it then.
I mainly have a Grimoire for the reason that I have a short memory and can forget things easily, also for the reason of stated before.
I don't find that it is a must to have for being a witch. When it comes down to being a witch it is all in you, you have to feel it in your heart, mind, soul, and its a burning passion of yours to want to carry on. That you want to see yourself grow as a witch, as a human, as a spiritual being. That the next day you are still gonna feel that same passion for the craft and being a witch. You don't really need all these items to help you be a better witch, they are just there to look pretty really. It is all within yourself that can make yourself a better witch. OK yes the items can help you to concentrate and such, but they cant make you better.