Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy Solstice

Whether you are celebrating the summer or winter solstice, I hope you all have a wonderful day doing so!

Monday, 20 June 2011

New Passion: Knitting

I have started to feel a craving for knitting and as I had found 2 sets of knitting needles for just a £1 I know that this was a good time to start this hobby again, I used to be able to knit when I was younger but not sure why I stopped doing it. There is a slight problem that I have found with leaving it for long, I can not remember how to cast on or to actually knit, my mum did teach me again the other day but somehow my fingers are not working with the needles that well.
I feel this will take me a while until I actually get used to it all over again..

Monday Memories: Sage

Normally when it comes to me and herbs they end up dying for some reason (lack of sun/water or too much sun/rain, or the puppy trying to eat it). So I am very happy to see that this little herb is still going and growing strong :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back to basics

What I have found frustrating about myself when it comes to my path is when I hear about a subject that I have never heard of before and get really excited to learn more about it. Now that doesn't really sound like a bad thing, but I end up leaving the other subjects I was trying to learn more on and spend as much time as I can on this one subject..Until a few weeks later when I start to get stuck on where I go next from there.
As well I am not just focusing on one subject, I try to focus on so many that I end up not really interested in it because I can't seem to find any more information on the subjects.
I believe that this is why I have been feeling lost, stuck and disconnected from my path. As I was talking about this to my partner, he ended up telling me to close my eyes and pick out a colour with a subject, no second guessing, just the first colour and subject that came to my mind. So I did just that, about 3 times until I started to feel like I was second guessing myself.
Green - herbs, purple - cosmology and blue - Gods.
These will be the subjects that I will be focusing on for now, until I feel comfortable with what I know about each of them and even learn how to involve them in my practice.