Thursday, 23 February 2012

What I will be doing for Lent

When Lent comes around I often don't do anything, but this year I thought I should at least give it a go and see how it goes for the next 40 days.

What I am hoping to do:
  • Pray
    I already pray each morning, but normally I rush through it and don't take that much time to think about what I am saying or praying about. I am also hoping to start praying at night as well.
  • Meditate
    I used to love to meditate nearly every other day and then once the headaches started I couldn't focus myself to meditate, I couldn't sit still for long and just felt agitated. I am hoping to get back into meditating, even if that means doing Tai Chi each day, which I have found to be just like meditating.
  • Give up sugar
    In my coffee, I am not going to go crazy and stop myself from having all types of sugared food because I like to take things slow which helps me to get used to one change and then I can add another change when I'm ready.
    I only have 1 teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, when a couple of years ago I didn't even have sugar in my tea or coffee but since changing to decaff I have found that adding the sugar makes it taste better. To help me get closer to having no sugar in my coffee I am going to change to sweetener as well.
Now I know what I am normally like when I tell myself I am going to be doing something similar to this, I normally fail within a week/2 weeks. Hopefully that wont happen this time and I can actually succeed.

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