Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Our pets

How gorgeous is he? This is Hamlet, our cat..well really my sisters but we class him as "ours". He is so friendly and loves to lie on your lap and just purr away..and if he doesnt want anymore fuss he tries to bite you lol (in a nice way :P). He has a few wounds on his head and under his chin, which Im not gonna show as its a bit nasty, but you can see the one on his head slightly. Anyways they are getting better so that is good, we still dont know how he got them as he was like that when we first got him. He is 3 years old.
He can never replace Tom but sure is trying his best to.

And this is Chole, our mad dog lol. She seriously is mad :P in a lovely way though. We must have had her for 12 years or more, and she still has a lot of life left in her. One thing she does to get our attention is the "party piece" which is her rolling around on her back, legs in the air making a lot of noise and enjoying herself. All of a sudden she will stop as she knows someone is watching her lol.
She is afraid of other small dogs but when it comes to the bigger ones, she thinks she can take it on! I never understood that.
But yes this is Chole, and I love her to bits!

Catch up on things

Well the cravings seem to have calmed down now lol, as I am reading the other books more now.
Just finished Hedgewitch in the Cauldron of Avalon by M. Sylvan Saille it is a good book, and it doesnt confuse you with all the information as it is only a 100 pages long, I am wondering if I want her other book. The nice thing about her books is that they are handbound, which makes it a little bit more special (imo).

Anyways enough with books otherwise I will get the cravings back :P

It seems to be getting more nice outside with the sun blazing atm, 3 days in a row without rain and it feels so lovely but at the same time annoying as I hurt more in the sun, plus Im ginger (Ginger + sun = BAD)..
Also I need to get started on doing my herbalism course, I know I dont have a deadline for it but its been nearly 2 months and I havent even touched it >_<, and its only the first 3 lessons.

Aswell as that Im trying to get back to doing some spiritual events/work on youtube as that was my main intention on making that channel - to help others in understanding more about spirits. One problem is, all my knowledge seems to fly away everytime I touch "record". So I think I should write the basics down for each video lol. Even though I never wanted to do that as I feel like Im a robot =/

Well Im going to go and charge my batteries up for later on (when its more cooler) so I can go for a walk or something like that.

So speak soon :)

Friday, 5 June 2009

I have a book addiction lol, I cant stop buying books!

Well I have been trying to stop buying them for a month now, so people know what to get me for christmas as I never know what I want..I didnt realise how much I was addicted to books until now. I am getting cravings for them and having the urge to buy some but I know I shouldnt.
I am trying to buy other things like herbs, oils, crystals to get my mind of from books but oh know it aint happening!
I have a lot of books to get through, and I am reading them all and always re reading them I cant stand seeing them on the self collecting dust! Its not fair on them lol (I know that sounds odd but its the way I am).

But I just gotta get through it, I am hoping I can just I can feel myself starting to break..It totally sucks!

Also on my youtube channel, with the show and tells I am gonna start doing them monthly instead of weekly, it just seems to make more sense that way. :)

Blessed Be!