Thursday, 27 August 2009


Grr silly hairdresser who doesnt look at the style I wanted and just makes it up!
The photo the right is how I wanted it, and all she gave me was a trim! Now I have to quickly find someone else (who will actually listen and advise me whats best) before wednesday as I am going to a wedding then and I want my hair nice for it.

Also Im a little worried about my hair..It already is thin but it used to be really full and thick, now its dead, dull and is really getting thin. My hair keeps falling out aswell, not in big lumps but just every second it falls out. Ok I know hair falls out all the time, but not like this. My clothes are covered in my hair just from one day of wearing them - I dont think thats normal.
Maybe Im just overreacting and need to stop worrying about this.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Path

For 10 years I have been wondering what my path is. Yes I am a Hedge witch but there feels like there should be something else. As I have seen Hedge witches who are Wiccan etc. So what is the path that helps me to enhance my abilities with my Hedge craft?
I have looked at all (well the ones I could remember/know off) the traditions, I couldn't find anything that felt close to me, the feeling that makes you jump inside..Apart from one. Celtic Shamanism.

The issue now is finding information about it. I keep going back to the same pages, and wondering if anyone has heard of Celtic Shamanism and if they could give me some info on it.

I have never felt this confused yet happy before. Its very strange, sometimes I look outside and think that there have been all these signs telling me that Celtic Shamanism has always been apart of me as well as Hedge witchery, and other times I wonder if there has ever been such a thing.
The positive side is weighing down the negative side, so I am starting to think maybe this is the next chapter to my life, after so long in searching and waiting to find my path, I think I am beginning to see it.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Soap mad!

Hmmm, getting very temptated to make some soap...Just need to find some cheesecloth or something like that..
I have no idea where to get it from! I dont even think anyone around here sells it, so Im gonna have to search online for a decent price >_<
Do I have to use cheesecloth or is there something else I could use instead? (its just basically to keep the soap nice and dry)
When I do make the soap I will make sure I show a photo on here, as it will be my first time making it :D So excited!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Celtic Tradition

I have been trying to find what tradition I pratice, and cannot believe how many there is. I am really wanting to know more about Celtic traditions, but cannot find that much information. I dont know if this is my calling, but its making me more curious as I cant find anything.

So Im wondering if anyone knows any sites, or books or something that can help me with find more about Celtic Tradition.