Thursday, 30 July 2009

Look what I made

Tonight I was flicking through the sites that I had bookmarked and found one that showed you how to make poppets out of cling film. So I thought I would give it a go...
It didn't turn out how I expected, but for my first try I think its pretty good lol!
Also the cling film that I used doesn't seem to stick together, so he is slowly falling apart..
Ah well, at least I tried :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009


I have started to feel like my old self again, full of joy with being involved with the craft and my path. I think the problem was that I was spending too much time researching, trying to find answers that I lost what I joyed most about it.
So I have started to do my daily rituals again and daily meditation, and I feel great! I know now why I wasn't getting the answers from the net and books, I have to find it for myself through my craft, doing it myself instead of researching it all the time.
I cant believe how relaxed I have came by understanding this, I'm so happy with it :)
I know there is a long way to go before I have truly found myself but I am starting to see a dim light at the end of this dark tunnel I have been in.

Friday, 24 July 2009

New passion - Smudge feathers/fans

As the title says, I have found a new passion for Smudge feathers/fans. I am finding them so wonderful and amazing, and have been finding a lot of feathers on the ground lately which may be a sign for me to start learning how to make them (No bird was harmed when collecting the feathers BTW).
I sort of understand how to make them, but cannot find a site that actually tells you how - very annoying yet very challenging ;)

On another note, I am slowly finding jars and the ingredients for my other products that I hope to make. I really need to start getting them in soon as I want to give them to my partners mothers.
I will post another topic on that on a later date when I have actually made them and such :)

Friday, 10 July 2009


There are a lot of videos I want to do right now, but certain things are stopping me, it is getting annoying but I am gonna accept it and just get on with the personal issues and concentrating with my course work.

I may do one video soon, I just remembered a spirit event that I don't think I have talked about yet, so that one will be coming up soon :P.

I also feel like I should step away from YouTube at the moment, not because of the drama that has been happening, but just to sort myself out. Reconnect with who I am, as I feel like I have drifted away from myself and all my joys in life, especially with my craft! I haven't touched my BoS because I feel so negative - but I don't know why I do.
I'm not gonna delete my account, just put everything on hold. Who knows I may come back with more information and new experiences to talk about :).
I will keep this blog updated as well, I wouldn't dare leave this! This place lets me think and allows me to put my thoughts somewhere ;).

Also this is driving me crazy, I have seen a couple of blogs with their YouTube videos on here, not in the actual blog but along the side, like they have added a gadget to put them on here, I cant seem to do that, I have searched for a gadget but I cant find anything and its getting me so annoyed lol, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about and how to add it please reply to this!
Thank you :)