Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reiki Playlist

On YouTube I have uploaded some videos about Reiki, just some pretty basic info on the subject, but still good info for those who wanna learn a little bit about it and so on. I haven't said anything about the symbols as I am not a level 2 I don't know them yet and I don't wanna try and learn until I get my level 2 (Each time I look at one of the symbols I get a headache).
Anyways, thought I would share the play list on here :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

Hello there

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog, I have just been very busy dealing with negativity.
It basically started to heat up at the start of this year, but I thought things would calm down for me after the first month or so but it didn't, it just got worse.
So now I am trying to deal with these negative issues and get rid of past event issue energies that have been roaming about me for while. I am basically spring cleaning my body, while it seems like a good idea, it certainly doesn't at the moment, my emotions are all sky high at the moment (doesn't help when mother nature is calling me as well).
This is why I haven't been blogging that much this month, just need time for myself.

Also I haven't really been doing that much in my spiritual craft, I guess I feel that I should get these issues done with before I do any practises and all that.

I did get a vision a few weeks ago, my first vision in fact, it wasn't a nice one though - basically telling me that someone close in our family is gonna be moving on soon. I don't believe it is soon, as in a few weeks/months time, but soon as in later this year/next year. Well that is what I am getting anyways so I hope I am right about that (not about the vision but about the timing).
I don't really know how to deal with it either or how to accept that I got this. But I guess it had to happen to me for a reason.

With my other crafting, that has slowed down as well, I know I am happy and at ease when making things, but they have just not turned out right, so another reason why I have to deal with the issues and actually find my "happy place".

Sometimes I hate it when spirit does these things to me just to tell me to deal with certain things or to do certain things, then I remember that without them I would be the person I am or I would be a very very confused lady right now. (I can imagine them saying "I told you so" to me right now lol).

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lavender and Chamomile shampoo

On Thursday I decided to do some more crafting, so I took the challenge of making shampoo, again. The first time I made shampoo it made my hair even more greasy and didn't help me at all. So I was basically praying that this would work. I did buy some clear shampoo base as I felt that was needed to help with the ingredients, and well it did help. The shampoo came out really well, at first I thought it was ruined because it was so thin it looked like water, but then Charlie found out that I needed to add salt to the mixture, the salt helped thicken it up and it was all good again.
The smell is so nice as well, as the title says I picked Lavender and Chamomile, as I know they are good for any hair types I believe and the second reason because they were the only oils I could find at that moment lol.

Overall I am very pleased with the results, I tried it out and it really worked. The first time was OK but the second wash it really went foamy, and again the smell that came off it was beautiful and so relaxing. It did everything it was supposed to do. So I will defiantly be making more shampoo again :)


On YouTube there has been a few videos talking about curses, I have tried to make a video but for what ever reason I just cant seem to express myself about it on camera, so this is why I am doing it here.

For me curses are neutral, like everything else in this world it is neutral until we decide how to use it. I don't use curses to scare or hurt anyone, I use them for protection and to help heal. How can you heal with a curse? Pretty simple in my eyes, say you have a headache and you have done the normal things you would do with a headache, take the pain killers, went to the doctors and opticians. None of that seems to get the headache away, so then I would curse that headache to stop spreading and to reduce the pain. Yes I know you could do normal healing spells, or healing to get rid of it, but if its one of those headaches that just wont move with whatever you do, maybe you need to curse it? But this is just my view on using curses to heal.

I also would use curses to protect my loved ones, if someone was trying to harm them in anyway, then I would curse them so whenever they step near the house they get a headache or something similar to that, I wouldn't use curses to hurt them seriously, but to let them know that they should leave well alone.
I feel that people who use curses just to get revenge on someone because they dumped them or to scare someone are being very stupid and childish, and are just asking for trouble.